Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two men and half a shed.

For the second half of October and the first half of November, the old team was together again. Neil McRoberts and Jim McPherson, who last year brought you this:

have been at it again.  This year, starting with half a shed and a dead eucalyptus,  

using only a simple household chainsaw,

and the little red pick-up that could,

along with a sander and some brackets, they made . . .

(can you see what it is yet?) 

a very heavy . . .

but absolutely beautiful . . .
(how gorgeous is that wood?) . . . table!

But wait.  Something's missing.

That's better.

And, because they were tidying up (to the county dump) as they went along,

that ugly bit of the garden with the compost heap and tree stump and half a shed is beautiful now too.

(Garden gnome blogger's own.)

Thanks, Dad.  Thanks, Neil.  Cx

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  1. There's no team like the old team! Gorgeous table!