Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dandy No.8 slips down the causeway

McRobertses, McPhersonses. Honorary McPhersonses, Queensferry High School survivors and friends old and new, on parade at the launch of DANDY GILVER AND A DEADLY MEASURE OF BRIMSTONE last night.  More pics over at Criminal Minds today.  

With Colin, Brian, Bogusia and Nan McRoberts.

With Gordon Dalyell, Stuart McCormack, Tommy Morrison  and Kathryn with a K (photo by May McCormack (well-swerved, May))

Louise Kelly, Catherine Lepreux and Wendy Keegan - between them they''ve provided a lot of craft items, flowers and  character names.

With Wendy Bellars (she chose the pose, honest), the headmistress of the school that inspired A BOTHERSOME NUMBER OF CORPSES.

With Elaine walker and Mig Shaw, who've known Neil even longer than I have.

Thanks for coming, everyone!