Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summertime: and the livin' is dusty

Not very romantic, but my first thought was summertime and the termites are swarming, so it could be worse.

Yep, green season is over, here in California:

And we're into brown season again.

(Except for the star thistles.  Nothing kills them.)

The cows:

have gone

The sweetpeas:

are possibly just past their best.

But, on the other hand, the beans are flowering:

I just have to try not to think about what beans flowering used to look like.

And be glad that the only raindrops around are these ones:

that my dad made in case I forgot what rain was or which bit of an umbrella was the top.


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures from the west coast

  2. The hills are not brown, Catriona. We prefer to refer to them as "golden." Just don't drop a lit match . . .

  3. Love the sweet peas, tee hee! Will send you some of our rain in Ireland, so you can relive your umbrella days (wonderful piece by your father!) in exchange of a few days' sun; fair??

  4. Sorry, Eileen - 'golden'. Got it. Susan - when I look at the pics I took in Galloway now, it's like there was something wrong with the camera! And Dru - you live in my favourite place in the world. How do you ever get anything done?

  5. I've got a brolly just like that, only pink. Dad made mine too! See you soon. xx