Monday, April 30, 2012

Malice 24

Or as far as I'm concerned Malice 1.  It was my first time in Bethesda, MD, hanging out with the traditional mystery crowd and I loved it.  Absolutely loved it.  Can't wait til next year already.

On Sunday morning, I was on a panel with Donna Andrews, Elena Santagelo, Mike Befeler and Avery Ames.  Occupy Malice.  Look - there's a picture and everything.

Then there was the panel - Elvis and the Commies - that I was moderating and once again I forgot to take any pictures at all.  So once again againI had to stalk and pounce at the signing session.  Here they are and here's me, Forrest Gump.  First, Joelle Charbonneau (blues suede shoes just out of shot)

Deborah Sharp (watch those racoons scatter)

Lane Stone (bless her heart and butter her butt)

And Lois Winston (we weren't auditioning for a cartoon job, despite the fact that we both look as if we've just been hit with an anvil)

Cathi Stoler and I paired up for the mind-frying experience of Malice-go-round, speed-dating 200 readers in two minute bursts of 8 at a time.  By the end of the session Dandy Gilver and Joey "Bones" Biscottini seemed like much the same thing.  Here's Cathi, completely recovered, at the Agathas banquet, standing between lovely Vicki Doudera and silly Jessie Lourey

I am so tired now that if someone pinched me I would cry.  Partly it was staying up late to watch Sharktopus   on Friday; partly setting up a breakfast meeting with my editor on Saturday for 7.30am EST which was 4.30am real time for me.  But mostly it was because of Jessie Chandler and Terri Bischoff:

Terri (in the blue) gave away Midnight Ink books at the banquet, and Jessie (in the green) wrote the one that kept me reading until half-past three after I'd been a good girl and gone to bed just after midnight.  Tchah!  Mind you, it's just as well I was exhausted on Sunday, because brand-new writer Michelle Sandford's work-in-progress sounded so delicious that if I'd been firing on all cylinders I might have been tempted to steal it.  It was especially great to meet Michelle because it's not every day you find another person who loves Dorothy L Sayers and Stephen King.

Now it's back to the grind.  I edited 132 pages between the two flights, 171 to go, but at least my desk is bigger than a cattle-class tray-table and the coffee's a lot better too.


  1. It was fun and I can't wait to see what happens at Bouchercon.

  2. I love you!! Thank you for joining us - totally made my weekend. :)

  3. How nice to take a peek over here at your blog and see so many people I count as friends. Nice pix.


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